This is a history of hard work and success which has already experienced 3 generations. The history of the past, present and future of an Indian family from the Peanut growing state Gujarat in India. The Group has developed, so successfully thanks to the extraordinary daily commitment from every member of its workforce.

Since its establishment, in 1960, the company has been driven by its passion for excellence and by employee dedication. A spirit of loyalty and professionalism is the foundation upon which our staff interact with consumers, communities, institutions and business partners.

This dedication has always brought great results. The Sonya Group employs more than 300+ people across its 3 factories. It's products are present and sold in more than 50+ countries.The Chairman Rupesh Shah and Managing Director Rutuja Patel have never lost sight of the company's fundamental values and its core principles. They will continue to set new goals for the future and to lead the group towards further success.

Mr. Chandrakant C. Shah, after completing his MS in Ceramic Engineering from USA, started a partnership firm in the name of M/s. Ahmedabad Ceramic Industry. The Company was started to manufacture SW Pipes & Fittings & in a very short span of time, it had established his name as a quality manufacturer of SW pipes & fittings, not only in India but also Internationally.

One more manufacturing unit was started by Mr. Chandrakant C. Shah in the name of Sonya Ceramics to manufacture crockery ware. These were very struggling days because of beaurocray & quota system. The most important cost in both the industries was fuel i.e. coal & the same remained in extreme shortages, which forced him to discontinue manufacturing of crockery wares.

In 1975 Mr. Rupesh C. Shah, Son of Mr. Chandrakant C. Shah joined Sonya Ceramics after completion of Ceramic Engineering From University of Missouri USA.

In the mean time, Mr. Chandrakant Shah was very active in the social front particularly in the field of ceramics & he became the founder member of Gujarat Ceramic Association in Ahmedabad. He was also President of Gujarat Ceramic Association for quite some time & during his tenure All India Ceramics Convention was held in Ahmedabad. He was instumental in bringing prestigious CGCRI to Ahmedabad.

In 1981 Rupesh Shah started Sonya Ceramics-Kadi Unit. For the first time in India it was commissioned to manufacture Low Tension Insulators with the help of Natural Gas Fired Tunnel Kiln.

In 1985 Sonya Keramos Pvt. Ltd was established to manufacture Sodium Silicate.

1992 Sparkling Ceramics was established to manufacture Sanitary wares.

1999 Rutuja Patel - 3 rd Generation (Delta Mu Delta awardee as an Honors student) joined the company after completing her Masters in International Business and Marketing from LIU – USA. She started JR Exports company to export Sanitaryware and Tiles

In 2000 Sonya acquired ISO certificate for Sonya Insulators. In 2002 Sonya Ceramics Kadi Unit acquired ISO certification for L.T. Insulators. Complete Quality Department with SQC facility commissioned. In 2003 First Gas Fired Spray Drier was installed in Sonya Insulators.

2005 One more Spray Drier of capacity of 10 tons per day was installed in Kadi.

2006 Modernization of work shop completed by introducing CNG operated wire cut machine & spark erosion machines in Sonya Insulators. Started E.O.U. unit with a Spanish company to manufacture lamp holders.

2008 Recuperators were introduced in all the tunnel kilns of Ahmedabad & Kadi to save the most precious fuel.

2009 Total computerization of Ahmedabad tunnel kiln completed. Through installation of CCTV cameras monitoring of Ahmedabad & Kadi plant is now possible from anywhere in the world.

2010 Tool room upgraded with latest computer Aided V. M.C. machine imported from Haas Co. of U.S.A.

2011 Hand glazed floor and wall tiles were started by passion by Rutuja Shah Patel. We also started manufacturing roofing tiles. To improve productivity E.R.P. System was introduced. In 2012 New furnace installed in Kadi for firing grinding balls & Media.

2013 Sonya Foods Pvt. Ltd. was established to Manufacture Blanched Peanuts & Peanut Butter by Rupesh Shah and Rutuja Shah Patel.

For better control & productivity number of units were consolidated. Special emphasis was given to export front and value additions.

2014 Exports of peanut Butter started & Sonya foods got its ISO 22000:2005 and BRC Certifications.

Sonya Insulators will have new kiln with 50% more work capacity & latest firing system.

Continuous BRC accreditation, installation of Buhler sortex for reducing labour handling in our fully automatic food line.

Started manufacturing Almond Butter and Cashew Butter and 9 varieties of flavored peanuts.

2019Commissioning of our 2nd line for Nut Butters will start. This will take our total installation capacity to 36 tons per 24 hours between our 2 fully automatic lines.