Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are of www.sonyafoods.com and its offerings. Request each user to read each terms and its condition very carefully. If you deny the Terms and Condition, then do not use the site or its offerings. Using www.sonyafoods.com, we acknowledge that you have read entire Terms and Condition, understood and accept the Terms and Conditions agreement.

These Terms and Conditions take effect and its interpret with the laws of India. For any claims or dispute, court of Ahmedabad – Gujarat have Jurisdiction, with respect to www.sonyafoods.com and its terms and conditions.

Word “You ” and “User” is used for any entities or individual who is using our website.

Word “Identity” refers to the code given to the customer to use our website.

Word “Material” to the data, content, photographs, designs, offerings, logo’s etc. in our site.

In our website www.sonyafoods.com all Material’s are protected by the copyright under Indian Laws. Without Authorization use of any material will violate copyright, owned properties and the Indian Law. Use of material in any other networked computer based environment will violate the terms and it’s strictly prohibited.

Personal Account:

User are responsible to keep their userid and password confidential along with them, in any of the cases, if user feels that breach has happened with the id and password, or it has been used in unauthorized manner or in its known to anyone else, then user has to inform us immediately about the same. Your information given to us must be complete and accurate. Even you will use the id and password given to you for the purchase of the products only.

Privacy Policy:

Please go through our privacy policy, which covers the subject about the personal information or KYC or Data provided by you to www.sonyafoods.com for the usage of our website will be kept confidential as per the privacy terms, laws and regulations. Request you not to use the website, if you focus on not to share your details on the website.

User On www.sonyafoods.com:

We will make sure that when user is using our website www.sonyafoods.com it remains uninterrupted and all the transaction can be done without errors. However, due to the form of internet business, it cannot be guaranteed. It may happen that website may get restricted or go under maintenances of the website for any introduction or new service or products. But we will make sure that we will do our best to limit the timing or frequency of such restrictions.

User Will Not:

User must not do anything which is against copyright or likely to cause. Send any Derogatory, Provocative, illegal, Offensive, Uncivil, Offensive, Abusive Message or mail in any of the postings like comment, reviews to any individual or improper reason or in any manner which harms the security of the website, then www.sonyafoods.com keeps the rights to Delete or Edit any content which is in the sole judgement of www.sonyafoods.com, or terminate the user permission to use the website.